At Serendipity Silkies, our focus is raising silkies for exhibition to the APA/ABA standards of perfection.

About Us


Nestled near the woods on a family farm in Southeastern, Virginia, just a few miles from the North Carolina border, Serendipity Silkies is located in Suffolk, Virginia.


Our silkies are housed in custom built barns by Dutch Direct Barns of Franklin, Virginia. Our three buildings include a brooder house, breeder house, and a biosecurity house to isolate silkies returning from shows. We have added electricity, insulation, vinyl flooring, and hot and cold water to maximize comfort and protection for our silkies.


Our flock continues to grow, and we began exhibiting our silkies in November of 2011. We currently raise buff, white, porcelain, lavender, blue, black and splash silkies.

Although we raise our silkies for our own enjoyment and pleasure, we occasionally have silkies for sale.

Please email us for availability.

Our flock is NPIP certified and AI clean.

The story of Serendipity Silkies would not be complete without expressing my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my friend and mentor, Mr. George Mihalik, for sharing his vast knowledge, advice, and passion for the art of creating beautiful silkies.


Mr. Mihalik has raised silkies for 35 years and has been designated a Master Breeder and Master Exhibitor by the ABA.  He is a true inspiration, and it is an honor and privilege to learn from him.

Thank you Mr. Mihalik!













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